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Scholarship Recipient Report & Verification

Red mortar board by diploma with ribbon around it, with the sentiment congratulations on your scholarship award.


Congratulations from the Foundation!

We commend you for your outstanding achievements and your commitment to your education. All scholarship funds will be sent directly to your college or university.

In order for us to send your check, you will need to respond to the online scholarship information form linked below. This will complete the process and actually award the funds to your institution.

Thanking your Donor

Each scholarship offered by the Shallowater Education Foundation was established by individual donations to benefit students like you, and they appreciate hearing how their generosity is making a difference.

If you would like to send an additional thank-you letter or recent photograph to the SEF, we would be happy to share these with your scholarship donor. You may submit these items by email to; please use the subject “Scholar Recipient Info” and let us know your name and any other details you'd like to share.

Publicizing your Award

Receiving an SEF scholarship is an honor, and we want to help you tell folks about it. We will prepare a news release announcing the award to our local area. Each recipient should also add this award to their resume and other application materials as appropriate.

Submit Your Information

A lot of the information we need is basic, like your contact information and details about the institution in which you're enrolled. There are also opportunities on the form for you to share some other great information, and feel free to expand on those questions as you see fit.