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Innovative Teaching Grants

Children in class using virtual reality headset to explore molecules in an innovative chemistry class.


We're With You in Your Mission

A primary operation of The Shallowater Education Foundation is to dispense funding to educators in support of their teaching and learning goals. The Innovative Teacher Grant exists to encourage and support excellence in teaching by awarding grants to SISD teachers for special and innovative projects.

All kinds of needs are considered, spanning all grade levels and academic subjects.

Innovation & Impact

Please consider submitting a proposal to the Foundation. We encourage proposals which emphasize:

  • Highly effective strategies, whether traditional or cutting edge, that build on prior successes;
  • Implementing technology is new or creative ways, including repurposing older techniques in new ways, or by utilizing more cutting edge or exploratory technology.

Submitters are invited to define teaching objectives and the anticipated learning outcomes, with your choice of narrative on the benefit to your class and students. Techniques which explore academic learning and student learning techniques are encouraged. If your project will ultimately become part of any research, please highlight that fact.

Reporting & Guidelines

The Foundation asks all funded teachers to report on the results of their defined project. Data and supporting statements are at your discretion, and scope and format are flexible. Please see our Grant Guidelines and Innovative Teaching Grant Application Tips as your prepare your project proposal submission.

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Please contact us at any time. We're always glad to discuss the many benefits the Foundation offers to our educational community. Our volunteers and donors make it all possible, so please get in touch today.

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Happy elementary, junior high and high school students with teachers.
Happy elementary, junior high and high school students with teachers.
Happy elementary, junior high and high school students with teachers.