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Become a Board Member

Become a Member of Our Board

Do you have passion for education and students excelling? Consider an application to become a member of our Board of Directors.

Serving on the Foundation's Board is a unique opportunity to contribute to our community, and to our children's education and their future. Our Board is so successful since there is a synergy by the coming together of devoted people who each bring their own talents to the organization.

A group of parents and teachers serving an an education foundation board of directors, like the one that helms the Shallowater Education Foundation.



Further Details About the Role

The Foundation views its board membership as the literal backbone of the organization. We see the role as a serious commitment to the organization, and would love to know about your interest.

There are some important guidelines that any potential board member should carefully review:


Each individual members of our board is expected to adopt a clear commitment to assist in assuring that the organization does the best work possible in pursuit of its goals. The Board must ensure that all operations are ethical, transparent and conducted in good faith at all times.

Example Responsibilities & Activities

  • Acting as an advocate for the Foundation and its missions.
  • Attending Board meetings, participating in committees and fund raising events.
  • Offering personal financial contributions at a personally meaningful level.
  • Being transparent about, and recusing oneself appropriately, upon discovery of any conflict of interest.
  • Demonstrating a commitment to privacy regarding donors and other information deemed confidential by the organization.
  • Showing an active and persistent interest in the organization throughout the year.
  • Working with committees and teams in the spirit of real partnership, while working to diminish distractions to our mission.

Example Expectations

  • The organization will keep you up to date on activities and emerging priorities.
  • You will have the privilege of direct access to the Board's President, and to request appropriate organizational information.
  • The organization will collectively support your efforts to become acquainted with and educated about the Foundation's missions and various functions thereof.
  • The organization will work to prevent sprawl on individual board members' time; meetings will be structured to use time wisely, and mechanisms enlisted to assure the most equitable distribution of talents and efforts.
  • Members of the Board will conduct themselves in a professional manner with a strong sense of teamsmanship and duty to the students and school district we serve.
  • Board members will exercise discretion and tact when discussing or handling any issues that are sensitive or which may have elements which should remain confidential.
  • The Foundation will carry Directors and Officers liability insurance.

Next Steps

Please consider an application to the Board. We would be honored by your interest and would love to hear from you. We've worked to make the process convenient and relatively quick.

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Please contact us at any time. We're always glad to discuss the many benefits the Foundation offers to our educational community. Our volunteers and donors make it all possible, so please get in touch today.

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Happy elementary, junior high and high school students with teachers.
Happy elementary, junior high and high school students with teachers.
Happy elementary, junior high and high school students with teachers.